Drugs and Chemical Substances Trigger Autism

Drugs and Chemical Substances Trigger Autism
The experts seem to grow closer to understanding the causes of autism. Environmental factors thought to play a greater role as a trigger for autism than genetic factors. Environmental factors include exposure to chemicals and drugs.

In a study from Stanford University researchers compared the cases of autism in identical twins and not identical twins who share only half of the same gene. Apparently, cases of autism are more common in identical twins are not so experts assess genetic factors other than a trigger autism.

Other research mentions the mothers who have children with autism were twice as many who take antidepressant drugs a year before their pregnancy compared with mothers whose children healthy. The risk increased considerably, reaching a three-fold, especially if the drug was taken in early pregnancy.

The study, published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry that mention environmental factors, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or infections, trigger autism in children who are genetically inclined.

"So far there had been allegations of influence of environmental factors, but this research further strengthen the theory that," said Clara Lajonchere, deputy head of the program of Autism Speaks.

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